A relevant gospel

A relevant gospel


We had an excellent time at the first “Confidence in the Gospel” National Consultation. We looked at the issues around “A faithful gospel” and talking about how we make sure that the gospel we proclaim sticks closely to the Apostolic gospel. Watch this space for some excellent videos that were made on the day. But we are already pulling together the details for the next event which will look at the issue of “Contextualisation.” How can we make sure the never changing gospel is communicated in our ever changing cultures?

I’m looking for input into the issues that are facing us in terms of helping connect the gospel with our culture.

1. Where are the toughest places to make the gospel heard?

2. What do you think hampers our contextualisation of the gospel ?

3. Who are the best practitioners of a contextual approach to evangelism?




A Relevant Gospel: How should we contextualise the message for our 21st Century Britain? from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.


7 thoughts on “A relevant gospel

  1. mark says:

    Hardest place to hear gospel ?

    Rich and materialist people as they sometimes believe they have everything they need. No interest in God !

    Sometimes pubs – some people say pub is not place for Religion or politics ?

    Ethnic Minority Areas – Because we think gospel might offend people of other faiths ?

    From Youth perspective – organisations like Frontier Youth trust,Youth For Christ,YWAM,XLP,Eden Project.
    Hinderance to gospel can be _ The church in sense not knowing how to explain Gospel to un-church friends.
    Need to be teaching on explaining gospel and living it out ! Our faith is not a “private”, but to be shared with the good news of gospel.

  2. Karl Udy says:

    Great topic Krish!
    1) Successful people. They are often either disillusioned and cynical or they are wrapped up in their own ego. It is hard to bring the gospel to them without eliciting a response of “What do you want from me?” or “What could *you* possibly teach *me*?”

    2) – Our success in methods contextualized for another audience (usually the previous generation)
    – black and white all good vs all bad thinking eg most of the church’s response to post-modernism
    – W e don’t listen – we just preach without listening to learn what our audience thinks, believes, etc
    – We don’t know which parts of what we believe are the gospel and which parts are simply cultural

    3) Not necessarily a best practitioner, but I can’t help to push my own barrow, since the tagline is so similar http://hongkongudy.com/backend/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ministry-letter-2012-web1.pdf

    There are also some ministries that have released some very good manga tools. Check out NEXT Manga with their Manga Messiah series, Siku’s Manga Jesus, and of course Cru’s My Last Day (an anime adaptation of the Jesus film)

  3. Sean McGever says:

    Krish, I am writing from my experience in the southwest of the US. Mostly in youth work.

    1. Where are the toughest places to make the gospel heard?

    -In those who don’t care… those who have affluence and many things going for them.
    -With LDS, such similar terminology, but significantly different beliefs, and usually better lifestyles/morals than Christians.

    2. What do you think hampers our contextualisation of the gospel ?

    -An ability to distinguish the promise of the gospel from all of the other competing promises in our world and media.
    -The failure of many Christians who do not live out their faith with an honest intent.

    3. Who are the best practitioners of a contextual approach to evangelism?

    -This is very selfish, but since I met the Lord in Young Life, I have to say their approach is a “best practice”, primarily their focus on building relationships as a prelude to the verbal gospel. Even tonight (at my house) we had 80 teens from vastly different social groups all together, enjoying each other, most of them not religious or Christian, listening to the gospel.
    -I am also impressed with FCA, Cru, Intervarsity, and others. Sadly it seems to be “para” organizations leading the way for contextual evangelism.

  4. Cody Lorance says:

    Great Kris, looking forward to the series. Blessings!

  5. Dave says:

    Krish that is itching right where I am scratching as a pastor, wondering just how we might accomplish the things you are talking about. So where can one find out more, where can one get involved? Is there a link to something on the EA website?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      hi Dave check out http://www.eauk.org/confidence
      or click on the missiology tab on my blog for more links

  6. Revsimmy says:

    My twopenn’orth:
    1. Anywhere we are not prepared to invest time and ourselves in building up relationships with others.
    2. Our inabiity to imagine how life is for other people and an attitude that assumes our way must be the right way. An inability to distinguish the essence of the gospel from our own cultural trappings.
    3. Those who are confident and articulate in their own faith but are prepared to listen and learn from others, and invest time in relationships.

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