Adoption Songs

Adoption Songs

Had a look for some children’s songs about adoption and sadly there are not many of them are in our current hymnody in the UK. I asked on twitter for ideas and after 15 people told me “Father God I wonder” I began to get a bit worried. Thanks to some of my twitter friends I found a few more. So here’s a list of songs that are not widely sung (but could be) to help us appreciate our adoption into God’s family. My hope is it will soften more people to think about adopting others if we value our own adoption more. If you fancy writing a song to help us – I’d love to hear from you.


Every Good Thing – Sovereign Grace

God Delights– Soevereign Grace

Quite like this one from Brenton Brown

Very happy for you to suggest others to me, just drop me a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Adoption Songs

  1. Jawad says:

    October 1, 2008 Tim,Yes and so the astonishing fact is that God has beocme our neighbour. Jesus told us that the greatest command is both a unity (*the* greatest) and two-fold (love God and love neighbour). In Jesus they are one. He is God and neighbour. And He Himself loves God and neighbour in the very same way the same act even (the cross).So then God has beocme our neighbour and (in true Lukan style) He’s beocme the Downtrodden for the downtrodden. And the order is all important: He is the fulfilment of the law first. We are the recipient of His neighbour love. *Then* we are called to do likewise. Having been claimed by *His* neighbour love, now we find ourselves captive to that same life.So yes the frame about eternal life is very important. But that question is answered in Jesus, the fulfilment of the law, who *first* loved us in this way. *Then* we go and do likewise as the recipients of that love. Those are the ones who inherit eternal life.That’s the reason I think it’s important to be clear on who the certain man is, whose position we are first asked to imagine ourselves in and who the Samaritan is.

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