Blind Chance

Because the designer of this contraption does not appear in the video. I therefore do not believe there was a designer. A s designer is just a figment of our imaginations, because we have the mistaken sense that there needs to be designer. Perhaps it is due to problems we had with our father’s not […]

Coming for me

I am very keen we find ways to help our young people face the opposition they face at school and work for their faith. One significant way I think we can help is to connect our churches with the challenges facing the persecuted church. I just came across this video from Open Doors (its been […]

Adoption Songs

Had a look for some children’s songs about adoption and sadly there are not many of them are in our current hymnody in the UK. I asked on twitter for ideas and after 15 people told me “Father God I wonder” I began to get a bit worried. Thanks to some of my twitter friends […]

Skyfall and Adele

The Bond marketting machine is in full overdrive now. Must admit I thought it was a clever move having Adele do the theme. What do you make of this? Does it show Adele to have a voice that is pale imitation of Shirley Bassey – it doesn’t grab me as a Goldfinger replacement as the […]


I’d like to invite you on a reading journey over the next 5 weeks. I am going to be reading and blogging about a new book called “Unapologetic.” Let me tell you the context of reading this book. I love being part of my book group. Its a group of men who came together , […]