How to say sorry

How to say sorry

Kind of liked this video – I am now singing “I am sorry, the Liberal Democrats are sorry” over and over…

Poor old Nick Clegg. Politics is often about getting the best deal you can in the circumstances. Perfect is rarely possible in politics and I guess part of joining a coalition must mean compromise and negotiation. If you are forced into a tough decision then a straight out apology to your supporter base is the honest thing to do. As an apology goes – he did a lot better than the bankers –

he admits responsibility
he sympathises with those he wronged
he explains his motives,
he point blank apologises

Joining government seemed like the right thing to do for them so these kinds of things are going to be needed more and more often – but I am not confident Lib Dem voters will back them in the next election.

What would you have done in his shoes?




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