Top 5 tips for families at the Olympic park

Top 5 tips for families at the Olympic park

1. Food and drink

We found the security checks at the park no problem at all. We had brought sandwiches and fruit and cake and crisps for a family and the only thing we were questioned about was our water bottles. there are plenty of places to fill up your water bottles from the numerous drinking fountains.

2. Travel

We discovered the javelin train which is literally a 6 minute journey from St Pancras to Stratford in brand new air conditioned comfort. It was totally empty when we used it and it takes virtually to the entrance of the Olympic park.

3. What to see

1. BP periscope and Fuelling the Future
OK so they are shameless marketing opportunities but our family was impressed by the 360 theatre and the special photo they sent back to us from the periscope.
2. Samsung stand
Lots of interactive fun – badge making, photos, postcards to send home. Wristbands and pin badges all provided for free.
3. Park Live
Impressively huge screen in a lovely setting. It was great to chill out on the grass and watch the rest of the Olympic events while munching our picnics.
4. Coke entertainers
Great fun with their singing and dancing routines. Watch out for the table tennis drama. We didn’t queue the 90 minutes for the coke beats exhibit. But you do get a commemorative bottle of coke when you leave.

4. What to avoid

ACER was a very sad experience. Most of the displays didn’t work and despite lots of staff help my card wouldn’t register. not a great advert for a computing company.

5. Mc Donalds

We spent the whole day at the park and succumbed to Macdonalds for tea. It is huge. the prices are the same as the high street which I must commend them for as they could easily have charged more. the balcony area is impressive.

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  1. Helen says:

    Thanks for this – hoping to get there sometime this week!

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