How has Facebook changed you?

How has Facebook changed you?

Hey everybody look at my cute little dog

Just saw this spoof movie trailer and i thought you guys would like it. My friend Mark Meynell shared it on his twitter stream – so the clip parodies its own route to market.

It reminds me how much Facebook and Twitter (and to a lesser degree Pinterest) has been shaping my habits and as a result forming my character for better and for worse.

I definitely feel more connected to world events, feel in touch with a lot of people I don’t see regularly. I do feel the urge to share ideas, news and jokes with people that I probably wouldn’t have done before. Silly ideas that would have stayed safely locked in my head, I now share for public approval. I definitely feel empowered to advocate for justice in a way that i didn’t used to.

How do you think Facebook has shaped you?




2 thoughts on “How has Facebook changed you?

  1. Luke Harrison says:

    Have you ever seen Rhett and Link’s Facebook song from 5 years ago?

    It predicts a similar problem with the end of Facebook, but with a much more humorous edge.

  2. Paddy Harris says:

    I like being in touch with friends and especially keeping in touch with friends who normally life would have meant I wouldn’t have stayed connected to. However i do wonder how much more i would get done without facebook and twitter being checked so often… Are they the new opiate for the masses?

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