5 Things to enjoy about the Dark Knight Rises

5 Things to enjoy about the Dark Knight Rises


Just come home from watching the Dark Knight Rises and really enjoyed it. The story line is gritty, the baddies are so brutally powerful making Batman look so weak and feeble. Its a 12A that’s probably right – it seemed less violent in one sense than Dark Knight – no pencil in the eyeball kind of moment that I can remember. I took my 13 and 12 year old boys to see it and they really enoyed it. i think they could have handled it from age 10 and up. ( But parents you know how different children are sensitive to different things). Here are things you can enjoy – hopefully spoiler free. By the way this film makes Avengers look like a kids movie…

1. Major focus on Orphans

OK if you know me, you could probably guess I would pick this out – but there are a lot of orphans in the movie. How we care for orphans is raised a lot as a question. The different life outcomes orphans have in this movie is very interesting too. There is a major cultural fascination with orphans – but a lovely reference back to the first filim takes place when Batman explains to Commissioner Gordon “The Batman Even if that means wrapping a coat around a boy whose parents were murdered, and telling him that it’s going to be alright. The idea that we all have a role to play in making life better for children who have lost or been deprived of their parents is a strong one.

2. Twisty Turny Plot

There are some nice plot revelations that happen throughout the film, Nolan keeps you guessing for a lot of the film – some of the resolutions and reveals are telegraphed a bit too obviously – but they are still enjoyable when they happen

3. There’s more to you than that…

For a film that majors so much on whether a troubled or a privileged background determines how you turn out as a person – there’s a great redemption narrative from the Catwoman character – the argument seems to be – if you trust someone enough, even if they don’t deserve it – good will come out.
There’s a clever bit of mirroring going on in the two love interests in the movie – around hidden identities and how people respond to being trusted – so enjoy that.


4. Nolan loves working with a core of very talented actors.

Marion Cottilard, Tom Hardy and ofcourse Christian Bale, Michael Caine have turned up in a lot of his movies lately. They do a great job here.

5. Classic Nolan reveal

I won’t give much a way but Christopher Nolan knows how to bring everything together with a collapsing montage and deep driving musical score. There’s lots to link with the way things ended in Inception with the multilayered plot collapsing together at the end. Things are neatly finished off – with the option of a spin off movie franchise if you want it.


2 thoughts on “5 Things to enjoy about the Dark Knight Rises

  1. I saw this last night and was blown away by the fact that Nolan’s narrative and characters can inspire a packed out theatre to become completely enthralled in the movie to the point of utter silence. Not even a sneaky packet rustle or popcorn crunch when the film demanded your full attention.
    It is truly mesmerizing.
    So much to enjoy!

  2. Charles Smith says:

    I would absolutely agree with Dr. Kandiah, took my wife & 2 children, we thought it was a great movie with some very believable elements & ideas about gearing towards the truth. I can truly say as well that the film had some great spiritual truth to it as well.

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