Bog Standard

Spent an encouraging day at the St John’s College commissioning service. I popped to the loo to be greeted by this sight… Yes those are greek verb declensions above the urinals. Impressively academic bogs to say the least. Obviously I can’t comment on the ladies loos – Hebrew vocab maybe?

This Time Tomorrow

As a church we are really trying to help all ages to get a vision for missional living. We have been experimenting with a tweak on an idea from the London Institute for Contemporary Christinianity called “This Time Tomorrow” Each Sunday at 10.45am while the children are still part of the main service we have […]

Euro 2012 Sweepstake

So the European cup kicks off tomorrow. Under a cloud of controversy around racism. I wonder if its an opportunity to shine a global spotlight on racism. Anyway tweeters if you get a chance to highlight the anti racism campaigns around the European cup please make the most of it. I am looking for twitter […]