Judgement Culture

Judgement Culture

Nice Surprise when I opened Youthwork Magazine

It was a nice surprise when I opened Youthwork magazine today to see a quotation from my Bible studies on four parables Jesus taught about judgement. You’ll have to buy a copy of the magazine to see what I said – but in the mean time take a look at short video from the Youthwork Summit where I was asked to speak on “Tell Young People About Judgement before you tell them about Love?”


One thought on “Judgement Culture

  1. Christopher Heward says:

    Romans 2:4 seems relevant here: ‘Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?’. Whole of Romans 2 is relevant, and I think it makes us think about how proud people are. Often their pride is a thin cover up of an awareness of their sin – to hear about and experience the love of God allows them to open up in a way that exposes their sin, which can then be handed over to Him. I think you’re right to draw a distinction between those (predominantly outside of the Church) who need to hear the love of God most pertinantly, and those (often with the Church?) who need to be prompted to consider their sin and be convicted of their sin by the Spirit (or is the second group people who are in ‘the established Church’ but not yet saved?).

    Sometimes when I think ‘those people are doing all the wrong things and doing it out of duty and need to be focusing on Jesus not the music [or whatever]’ my initial reaction is to challenge them in a way that makes them aware of their sin, but more and more I think they just need to hear they’re loved because a lot of them having been doing it out of duty and just need to receive God’s grace. Then they’d be drawn to Him and focus on what’s important (mind you I need to preach His love to myself as often I’m focussing on really unimportant things in life).

    Thanks Krish

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