CS Lewis and Tim Keller

CS Lewis and Tim Keller

Many thanks to the students at Oxford University (OICCU) who agreed to us interviewing Tim Keller at the end of a long week of evangelistic outreach. Tim commented that this had been one of the most challenging mission weeks of his life. I will post the full evangelistic presentation that he did in an upcoming post. As part of the Evangelical Alliance’s “Confidence in the Gospel” project that I am working on with my colleague Phil Green you will see more of these kind of resources popping up – so keep your eyes peeled. This video was filmed and produced by the excellent John Bowen – so thank to John for his time and energy and thanks to God for his many skills.

Tim Keller is a very generous person – giving his time after a gruelling schedule. I believe he is the elder statesman that can best fulfil the role that John Stott and Billy Graham leave vacant. He is conservative, more conservative than me on things like the role of women in ministry for example. But he offers a gracious and humble role model of putting the gospel first and not attacking those that disagree with him on these kinds of issues.

The video is 6 minutes long, it would be worth passing on to any preachers or evangelists you know – would love to know which questions you would have asked him?

Photo Credit: John Bowen



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  1. Dave Roberts says:

    Thanks, Krish! I will certainly pass this on!

  2. Michael says:

    Wow great interview- v helpful! Thanks a lot Krish!

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