Tell young people about love before judgement?

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I was honoured to be invited to speak last year at the Youth Work Summit in Manchester. I was given 10 minutes to speak about the subject “Tell young people about love before judgement” or “Tell young people about judgement before love.”

I think I was given the subject in light of my review of Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” book for Youthwork magazine. Here was my best shot at the subject. Let me know what you think of it.


5 thoughts on “Tell young people about love before judgement?

  1. Completely balanced as always Krish, this blog is becoming more and more of a reference point to me. This video is an example of why that is!

  2. Thanks Krish for this very sane and balanced view. I believe we have often done great damage to our children and young people (not to say adults) by presenting God as a kind of cosmic headteacher passing judgement all the time. Love must come first for young people and not just with words.

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