Jesus HD – Evangelism in the 21st Century

Jesus HD – Evangelism in the 21st Century

How do we share the gospel effectively without feeling awkward, preachy or embarassed?
Its a conundrum I have been working on for a while as it feels like we are losing our ability to articulate our faith with words, just at the time when we the church are getting better at demonstrating our faith with actions. I am a firm believer that we need to do both: doing good works and explaining the good news ought to go hand in hand.

What do you think are the main factors that cause us to struggle with sharing our faith verbally?
If you have a moment please feel in the quick poll below. Let me know the number one reason you find evangelism difficult…
(there’s only space for 200 entries so get in there quick…)


In light of these struggles i am delighted to be speaking at a cross church initiative in Ealing on March 18th.

It would be great if you could be there: I’ll reveal the findings from the survey and much more..

Krish will be helping us with fresh new ways of sharing our faith with people at work, school or in our families. He’ll help us to answer really up-to-the-minute questions:

  • How can we make sharing our faith a totally natural part of our lives?
  • Can we debunk some of the myths and misunderstanding of what it takes?
  • How can we make our whole life an open invitation to know more about Jesus?
    This is an evening of worship, ministry, interaction and film clips.
  • It is ideal for all Christians – young and old.
  • It will leave us all much better able to connect with those around us and to share our faith.
    St Stephen’s Church, St Stephens Road, W13 8HB

5 thoughts on “Jesus HD – Evangelism in the 21st Century

  1. Bene says:

    Experience shows that people still feel their faith is something private. Ironic really when we are often only too willing to tell anyone we meet about our operation/illness, or discuss the headlines/weather/price of gas… But not, it seems, faith.
    One answer may be to introduce a short discussion after a sermon, before the service resumes, when people actually put into words.
    And as Christians we don’t ever ask each other *what* do you believe.. So we never have tried putting belief into words.
    Giving people the chance to practice!
    This is important.. After all, we learn how to offer sympathy through trying to find the right words: we just need to discover the right words for US to express our faith ..

  2. Dave says:

    Great point Krish,

    I think that a lot of the points above are all relevant but in truth I think most people seem so far away from where the gospel we have no idea how to even begin the conversation, without seriously steering it.

    How can you talk about sin and a saviour if you’ve no idea what sin is, if you’re a sinner and if therefore you need saving.

    In fact I think I agree with Steve Timms and Tim Chester about people having their own gospel of sorts. A gospel in which they have an ideal of what they believe they should be creation – what I’m made for Fall – why things aren’t as they should be, Salvation – this is how I can work things out and consummation – when I reach my goal, this is how it will be.

    This model I took from a book called Everyday Church. And I think it might the first time someone has really addressed how people’s attitudes have changed and as a result how wide the gap has been that needs to be spanned between what we believe and where peoples beliefs lie.

    That huge gap, we’re aware of instinctively and from what people say and how they act and its this that is so off putting, even consider cross – let alone knowing how. But I’d like to hear what others think.


  3. Nick says:

    I clicked through to the poll from my email, and it didn’t let me add any details to ‘other’. I’d have said lack of urgency and motivation on my part.

    I have a clear idea of what the gospel is; while the gospel is, in essence, simple, that’s not a problem as such; I don’t feel like I need a different ‘mode’, other than perhaps needing to recognise the weight of responsibility when sharing the gospel (salt and light, and all that), I have no qualms about what people think, or indeed about answering their questions. I don’t worry about imposing my beliefs on others (if something’s a case of opinion, I might, but the gospel is to do with truth); I know plenty of people; the ‘unethical’ aspects can generally be dealt with carefully; while I wouldn’t consider it my ‘gifting’ per se, it’s certainly part of my calling as a follower of Jesus…
    I just don’t do it enough.
    Pretty rubbish ‘eh?

  4. Dawn Jewson says:

    Ummm Krish – as a member of St Stephen’s Ealing I’d like to say that the photo you have here is not of our church!! That’s the old St Stephen’s (nearby) which has been converted into flats. Looking forward to welcoming you though!

    1. krishkandiah says:

      Thanks dawn sorted it out now… See you next week.

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