I have seen the future

I have seen the future

There has been so much speculation about the iPad 3 since before even the iPad2 came out but as March 7th approaches the volume of speculation has been cranked up to 11. As a long term tech lover its hard not to get caught up in the information frenzy. My school yard conversations centred less around the relative merits of the first division football teams of my day and more around the relative merits of the latest tech. I had a Commodore Vic 20 and all of my friends had ZX Spectrums and we would enjoy banter centred around which computer was the best. I defended valiantly but I knew I was onto a loser when “full size keyboard” was all I really had to offer in support of my computer’s superiority.

So nowadays when tech is not restricted to the geek squad in the playground but is increasingly the landscape in which we spend most of our time. I spend more time on my iPad / Macbook Air than I spend in my car. A lot of my working hours and leisure hours are spent utilising these devices so the innovations in tech do make a significant differences to the way we spend our time. So watching this video is more than just about what is “cool” or “neat” there will be implications if this future comes to pass – both good and bad.

How about you try and respond to the video below by offering a suggestion of both a good and bad implication. For some of us technophiles we can only see the good for some of us technophobes we can only see the bad. So drop me a comment.

Here’s a starter for you:

The Good – more opportunities to communicate – 3D projection could be allow more effective person to person communication.
The Bad – always on tech may be more difficult to resist so that there is room in life for rest and sabbath in the rhythm of life

Now over to you…


3 thoughts on “I have seen the future

  1. Good – we’re re-learning how to communicate in visual as well as written ways; we’ve got creative tools at our fingertips and we can use these for the glory of God and the restoration of his created beauty.

    Bad – I get annoyed how quickly these things break or become obsolete. I’m on my third printer in four years, and Apple really need to do more to help us keep old tech going or properly recycle, cos our planet can’t afford the waste.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      Nice one Sam

      Good – we are getting creative pushing our engineering skills to the limit
      Bad – we haven’t made nearly the same kind of investment into solving the global crises – of poverty or environment

  2. Bene says:

    Fascinating stuff! It’s exciting and lucrative to design with brilliance: but as Krishna says, the spiralling needs of the world need bright minds – and money, to create sustainable solutions.
    GOOD: celebration of skills, imagination, technology. Mind-opening for users
    BAD: highlights gap between haves and haven’ts. But worse, takes all those skills ‘away’ from devising solutions for problems (just as innovative, and intellectually/technically challenging) that affect the world’s future.

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