The whole truth?

The whole truth?

Love this video from the guardian – its an interesting reminder of the fact that our access to world events is mediated.

Christians are not immune from this process. We are being discipled by the media we watch, the newspapers we read – the personalities we follow on twitter. Its often easy to see how someone else’s cultural location shapes their thinking – for example my long standing frustration with Wayne Grudem’s reading of scripture through a Capitalist, Republican, Climate Change Denying cultural lens (see here for review of his book on politics). But humility demands that I recognise that my own views are equally susceptible to my cultural location. Its why I am grateful to have friends from across different theological and cultural barriers who can help me be more aware of the cultural filters that shape my reading of the Bible and my approach to life. Thank God for courageous journalists, honest friends, the challenge of those who hold different views to me and the opportunity for generous conversations. Enjoy the video.



3 thoughts on “The whole truth?

  1. Ben Carswell says:

    Brilliant video Krish & great reminder of the bias we all have in our different perspectives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Claire says:

    I really like what you say in your blog post because it’s true. It’s important that we understand the cultural lens issue. Very Conservative American Christianity is influential in shaping the public perception of our faith in Britain. For some non-churchgoers the most prominent Christians in the news are right-wing U.S. politicians.

    When I read the Bible I read it through the lens of someone raised secular British. That is something I need to keep in mind because it does impact on my reading. Often, I suspect, in a good way. Sometimes in a not good way.

    By the way, that Guardian video is very clever but chilled me to the bone because it is so emotive.

  3. krishkandiah says:

    thanks for your comments Ben and Claire – we need the whole church to work together so we can see scripture more clearly together

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