Tim Keller in Oxford

Tim Keller is visiting the UK at the moment, leading a mission at Oxford University. Its an exciting time. One of the guys that I am mentoring sent me the following report: The mission is fantastic thank you, 500 at Lunchtimes and 750 in the evenings – thinking it is going to get bigger as well.’ And also after I said we’d pray for him ‘Please do, the more prayer the better. We are starting to see some angry pushback from people who don’t like it, but that’s cool. The Town Hall overflowed yesterday evening (first evening) and so St Aldate’s Church is being cleared in the evenings for us to use as overflow (another 500 seats max) very exciting! I had the chance to spend some time with Tim last year. My friend John Bowen made the following video that we showed at the Evangelical Alliance Council meeting . It’s well worth giving 10 minutes to watch it as he provides some wise gems for helping us as individuals and churches think about growing in confidence in the gospel. It makes a great conversation starter in a house group meeting.

This is part of an ongoing project I am doing with my role in the EA. Any insights you have as to how we help develop confidence in the church for the gospel I would love to hear from you – so do leave me a comment.

As part of a group of leaders I am going to be meeting with Tim tomorrow. What question would you like me to ask him? I’ll report back on the blog tomorrow.


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  1. Jon Griffin - February 9, 2012 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Really interesting and inspiring comment. I had not thought about conceptualisation in towns vs cities before.

    Much to think about.

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