The whole truth?
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-29-2012
Love this video from the guardian - its an interesting reminder of the fact that our access to world events is mediated. Christians are not immune from this process. We are being discipled by the media we watch, the newspapers we read - the personalities we follow on twitter. Its often easy to see how someone else's cultural location shapes their thinking - for example my long standing frustration with Wayne Grudem's reading of scripture through a Capitalist, Republican, Climate Change Denying cultural lens (see here for review of his…
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One Voice
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-27-2012
I am privileged to be speaking on behalf of Tearfund at Trinity Church Cheltenham tonight as part of the "One Voice Prayer week". The prayer week in one sense asks very little of us - would we stand before God alongside and on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world who are living in poverty. I am going to be speaking about how we need to believe, live and share a gospel that is big enough and realistic enough about the situations of injustice and poverty in the…
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What do young people actually think of the church?
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-26-2012
As you may know there is an Evangelical Alliance Council meeting this week. We are looking at how we help young people to develop resilient adult faith. There's been some really helpful comments on this subject already here. Council members are asked to talk to some young people before they come to the event and to ask the following three questions. Would love to ask you to have the same conversation with some young people you know and post the results below. 1. What is the best thing about church?…
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I am because you are…
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-25-2012
My friends at the Langham Partnership have a great project to help the church recover Christlikeness as a priority in Christian living and leadership. I was asked to talk about someone who had modelled Christlikeness to me and the following video tells a bit of the story of Nigel Lee's influence on my life. There are so many others that have helped shape my life it reminded me of the South African idea of Ubuntu "I am because of you are..."   So here's a little exercise that may be…
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It takes a whole church…
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-18-2012
We still have a huge problem in the church seeing young people grow up to become adult members of our churches. This month in Christianity Magazine, Youthworker and IDEA magazine we have opened up a discussion about what needs to change in order for young people to be discipled into adult believers. The headline statistic is that: 1523 out of 2228 passengers and crew were drowned during the sinking of the Titanic - a loss of 68%. But according to Peter Brierley's research of every class of 10 nought to…
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Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-12-2012
3 Unmissable Ideas from NT Wright’s New Testament and the People of God I was very pleased to receive a copy of NT Wright’s “New Testament and the People of God” which is the opening and foundational work in Wright’s on going project “Christian Origins and the Question of God” which also includes “Jesus and the Victory of God” and “The Resurrection of the Son of God.” This is such a vast tome covering so many important issues, by way of review let me give you 53reasons you should read…
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Tim Keller in Oxford
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-08-2012
Tim Keller is visiting the UK at the moment, leading a mission at Oxford University. Its an exciting time. One of the guys that I am mentoring sent me the following report: ‘The mission is fantastic thank you, 500 at Lunchtimes and 750 in the evenings – thinking it is going to get bigger as well.’ And also after I said we’d pray for him ‘Please do, the more prayer the better. We are starting to see some angry pushback from people who don’t like it, but that’s cool. The…
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Is Christianity Supposed to be Masculine?
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-06-2012
Thank God for John Piper I am grateful for the ministry of John Piper. His book "Desiring God" challenged my thinking as a teenager. His book “Let the nations be glad” provided quotes and hints when I was recruiting student evangelists to travel with my wife and I to go to Albania. The generosity of the Desiring God team kept me in supply of teaching tapes (do you remember tapes?) when we were living on virtually nothing. I appreciate Piper’s emphasis on expository preaching, his commitment to passionate charismatic worship,…
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A Lost Generation?
Posted By :Date :Krish Kandiah | 02-01-2012
It's always risky to tweet during a meeting... krishk Meeting with @MarkMolden @wendybeechward and a whole host of other interesting peeps talking about how we disciple this rising generation 31/01/2012 12:40 I wanted to let my friends and followers know that we were doing something about the exodus of children and young people from the church and so the above tweet was secretly released from the meeting unbeknownst to the other participants. I didn't want to say "Next Generation" because that assumes that children and young people have not got…
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