Hate Religion Love Jesus

Hate Religion Love Jesus

Here’s a video that’s doing the rounds on twitter. It’s not perfect, but there’s some great things to enjoy about it.

Five things i like:

1. Some great rhymes –

religion say do, Jesus says done
religion says slave, Jesus says son

2. A willingness to face and name the hypocrisy of the church

its important for us not to whitewash the church but reform it and many people will not listen to the gospel until we have acknowledged the mess the church has often made of following Christ.

3. A call to take another look at who Jesus really is and not believe all the religious soaked propaganda about him

Jesus is the gospel and so calling people to re-evaluate him is surely a key part of our witness.

4. Naming and shaming the uni political aspirations of much of the US church
– not sure Grudem would like the suggestion that Christians could vote for socialist / democrat values but it is vital that the church take a prophetic stance towards all governments and political parties. We need to be involved in Politics but refuse to be partisan.

5. A call to integrity

– there’s a emphasis on discipleship not just conversion in this video too

Well done – keep up the great work.



What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Hate Religion Love Jesus

  1. Jake Belder says:

    I take your points, but on the whole I’m not a fan of the false gospel/religion dichotomy. I posted my thoughts on it here some time ago.

  2. Fiona says:

    This video was doing the rounds on Facebook last night, and I re-posted it. A couple of my non-Christian friends responded really well to it; though I was wary of them thinking it was trying too hard to be cool, they found it really insightful. You’re right, it’s not perfect, but I was pleased with how plainly it explains what the Christian faith really means.

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