Paul in 4D

  Whatever kind/brand of Christian we are – the Bible is our book. God’s word ought to unite us as no one can come to faith without it and no one can be sustained in faith without feeding on it. After the Trinity, Paul is the most influential figure in the New Testament. So one […]

I like adoption

Here’s a powerful 6 minute video about an extraordinary family. I have not had the privilege of meeting this family but the love they have for one another comes across profoundly. I understand that the language of “rescue” and the way in which the children’s cultural heritage doesn’t seem to figure much in this story […]


I have been trying to get my head round the numbers involved when it comes to guns in the USA. Here’s my attempt at a make shift infographic – feel free to try and make a better one. Here are the sources of the stats: “There are as many as 300 million guns in circulation […]

Its not too late

The world grieves with the people of Newton, Connecticut tonight.I was picking up my 6 year old daughter from a school disco tonight when I heard the news that most of the victims were aged between 5 and 10 years old. Its hard to imagine what parents and children are going through right now. We […]

Green means Go!

Michael Green is a living legend. He breaks the stereotype that an evangelist has to be a pragmatist or that theologians dont care about mission. I have been enjoying Michael’s work since I was a student. I have found his expository approach to evangelism absolutely central to my preaching. But now well into this eighties […]