Digital Evangelism

Digital Evangelism

Spent a lively afternoon with some Christian digital influencers from across the theological spectrum.

I was asked to kick off the discussion and used my reflections on James Smith’s transformation triangle to explore evangelism in three dimensions.
1. Explaining the Narrative – changed thinking
2. Modelling Practice – changed behaviour
3. Inviting into the community – changed relationship

I was encouraging the group to think about the three aspects as ways into the gospel. Some traditions only address the mind in evangelism, others only the practice others the community. My hunch is that we can draw people into Christian discipleship beginning with any one of these routes but ultimately we need to include all three of these aspects. I believe when we fail to do this – we fail to sufficiently induct people into the life of faith. We leave the job of discipleship undone.

My friend Dr Pete Philips helpfully connected the triangle to the ancient principles of:

lex orandi (pray/worship),
lex credendi (belief),
lex communitatis (community)

That’s one of the great things of a conversation like today – my thinking has been extended and developed.

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Happy for your thoughts.



3 thoughts on “Digital Evangelism

  1. Chris says:

    I reckon the digital arena is just another way of sharing our lives with those around us. It used to be just those who we met face to face that we influenced, but now we can extend that further. I think the same “rules” apply to digital Evangelism as it does to all Evangelism. It has to be real, honest , sincere and not hypocritical. Otherwise is does more harm than good!

  2. Thanks, Krish. I have also just been asked by our local Churches Together to pick up on how churches can use some of the social media as part of their mission, and this was my brief ‘starter for ten’.

  3. Karl Udy says:

    I’d be interested to know what feedback you got on how these general principles of evangelism apply in particular to the digital context

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