Twitter, Klout, Angry Birds – #spirituality blog 2

Twitter, Klout, Angry Birds – #spirituality blog 2


There are now a plethora of services offering to analyse or visually represent your twitter stream.
This new one is particularly cute because it integrates a little bit of the Angry Birds universe into its info graphics.
I have been wrestling a bit with these online tools this week after a friend of mine tweeted :
[blackbirdpie id=”132022413956362240″]
She is right of course.
Ego, insecurity and pride are all great motivators to be constantly concerned about influence and power and when that is coupled by instant digital metrics like klout or tweet reach we have an interesting triangle of transformation – where our heads believe the narrative that success is measured by our earthly influence, where our practices lead us to addictive behaviours (checking your klout score more often than you phone your dad) and the community generated in these spaces spur you on to try and beat other people’s influence levels and “klout.”
There is the argument that looking at these things helps you to be a better steward of your online resources – that by seeing what gets retweeted, who stops following you and how you measure up against others is a way of making sure you are using your online time wisely. I guess I know from my own heart that I am too easily tempted to pride and arrogance so for me I need to take a break.
(The reflections posted here – have been influenced by my slow reading of The Good and Beautiful God, by James Smithread along with me.)
What do you think?

One thought on “Twitter, Klout, Angry Birds – #spirituality blog 2

  1. Sally Hitchiner says:

    Ha ha! I am right, and you are great, Krish! 🙂

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