Adoption League Tables

Adoption League Tables

It’s national adoption week and today the Prime Minister came up with a league table to name and shame local authorities who have been particularly slow at placing children. I have been asked to make a comment and am thinking of submitting the following in a press release from the Evangelical Alliance tomorrow. Any comments on how to improve this are greatly appreciated:
As adoptive and foster parents we welcome the government’s commitment to reform the care system. There are many factors that lead to a looked after child remaining within the care system longer than is ideal. Sometimes these are factors outside of social services control – but other times the system fails vulnerable children and so they are twice disadvantaged.
We are currently fostering a little girl who has been with us for almost three years. Each day that passes makes it harder to find an adoptive family, more difficult for us to hand her over and more traumatic for our other children to come to terms with her moving on. Most importantly, each day she is becoming more aware of what will be a huge transition in her life. Since local authorities are required to organise adoptions for children within 12 months of deciding to do so, our little girl has been and is being let down by a broken system. As Christians we believe that every child whatever their circumstances deserves the very best care, and therefore there are already many Christians involved In children’s services at every level. I pray there were more. I also pray that the league tables will ensure that no looked after children are looked over.
Evangelical Christians have often shown considerable commitment to seeking the welfare of the vulnerable and the poor in society, and the EA will continue to encourage its members to recruit and support foster carers and adoptive parents in their vital and life transforming roles.

2 thoughts on “Adoption League Tables

  1. Dave Hewer says:

    Communicates very clearly the importance of adoption.

    If you want to emphasise the place of Christians in adoption – you could mention how Christian adoption agencies have been forced to close in recent years in order to comply with ‘equality’ legislation. Is political correctness getting in the way of finding children homes?

  2. Joanne Barlow says:

    Does a league table really help? It is surely a mix of finding prompt and good families, placement to simply meet a league table seems almost counter-productive.

    I think your points are well made and with a lot of personal knowledge, but is the problem mainly with the local social services and social workers or with the ‘equality’ (as David mentions) and other legal requirements that the government is putting in place and then social workers or their bosses are scared as to whether they have complied? It’s all well and good central government critisizing the local government depts but not if they are adding to the problems.

    In some areas it seems Christians can have a hard time to foster and adopt as the system is concerned about “indoctrination” of the child.

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