5 ways to help your church value the Bible

5 ways to help your church value the Bible

Here’s a short film I helped make in Burkina Faso as part of the Spring Harvest appeal this year. My hope is that by seeing the passion and hunger there is for the scriptures in the third poorest country in the world we would be inspired not only to give money to support our brothers and sisters there, but that we would catch their hunger and passion for God’s word, here.


In response to this video, here are five ideas that may help your church come to value the Bible more than they do already. Many Christians around the country are struggling with appetite and confidence in the Bible. I hope these ideas help to change this, feel free to let us know other ideas that have worked for you.

1. Bible Census

To help the UK church value the Bible more and to celebrate 400 years of the Bible freely available in the English language. The Biblefresh movement have teamed up with the church in Burkina Faso. The idea is that each family does a search of all the Bibles they have in their home and make a big pile of them. We then say a prayer and thank God for giving us the Bible and for providing so many exciting ways we can read it. We then suggest that for each Bible you own you give a pound to help the Bisa people of Burkina Faso have a translation of the Bible in their mother tongue. We did this as a family and it was exciting to do a Bible hunt around the house and then to realise how easy access to the Bible may have made us over familiar with it and so devalue the scriptures. Our prayer is that this exercise may help us to love God more and value his word more highly.

biblefresh tower of bIbles

Bible census

Biblefresh tower of Bibles

Bible Jenga anyone?


Bibles for Burkina

2. Tower of Bible

Taking the Bible census one stage further, how about getting everyone in your church to bring all their Bibles in and to build a tower out of them in a church service. Then give thanks as a church for the Bible and ask that the church give more attention to God speaking to us through his word and to give money to the Bisa people in Burkina Faso who have not a single page of the Bible in their mother tongue. We had a landscape gardener oversee the building process ably assisted by the young people of our church.

Tower of Bible - Biblefresh

Stack 'em high

build a strong base

3. Preach about the Bible

Hopefully all the preaching in our churches is based on the Bible. But how about a little series in church about the Bible and how to enjoy it? You may have come across our latest book: route66 which offers an 8 week teaching series to help the church learn how to read and live out all the different types of literature in the Bible. It got a great reception when we launched it at Spring Harvest this year. (click here for more information – including a free leaders guide) .

4. Bible Testimony

How about asking people in your church to give a little interview or testimony about a time in their lives when God spoke to them through the Bible. It can be a great way for young Christians to see how the Bible functions in the life of faith and also those who are struggling to read the Bible to gain fresh encouragement. Why not do a little series of testimonies once a sunday for the next 6 weeks. It would be great to have a range of people taking part: new Christians, young people, business folk, stay at home parents etc.

5. Bible newspaper articles

I got this idea from Ness Wilson from Loughborough who had arranged for a testimony to go in the local paper each week (playing the 400 year anniversary card.) It has lead to a higher profile of the Bible’s place in the life of the town thanks to christians writing challenging, encouraging and personal stories of the impact that God’s word has had in their lives.

For more ideas check the Biblefresh.com website or order the Biblefresh Handbook from your local Christian bookshop.



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  1. Ron Henzel says:

    May I also suggest a Bible memorization program of some type? I would recommend starting out simply, with verses on the person, nature, and work of Christ and salvation.

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