Lounge Concert

Lounge Concert

Just had an amazing evening, opening up our house as a lounge concert venue. We invited all of our neighbours to come and enjoy some live music from the hugely talented Miriam Jones. We had 30 people crammed into the lounge, but the intimate setting made the event really memorable. There aren’t that many events you could get the wide variety of people to come together for – but the fact there was a gig going on in our little Close was a real draw.It’s all the best bits of Glastonbury (the live music) without the worst bits (mud, exorbitant prices, the loos).

miriam jones concert

the band warming up for the gig

Miriam Jones is singer song writer who reminds me of a cross between Norah Jones and Jack Johnson. She’s from British Columbia and she met my friend Jez Carr when he was studying at Regent’s College, Vancouver. She’s a Christian who is open about her faith but is writing songs for the mainstream market rather than the “Christian scene.” Her songs are wistful and beautiful and conjure up a real sense of longing for God without ramming out down your throat. Jez was on bass, Miriam on vocals and acoustic guitar and Adam was on lead guitar. They have a really good vibe going on – with great harmonies, catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

miriam jones - jack johnson meets norah jones
fun and laughter with miriam jones

Miriam and Jez’s banter really helped people to feel at ease and being that close to the music feels like a real privilege.The last gig I went to was U2 in Wembley Stadium where Bono was the size of an ant in the distance. I didn’t get Coldplay tickets for Glastonbury where once again I would have to rely on video screens to see any of the action. But here was the visceral experience of professional live music in my lounge.

better than coldplay and U2
Adam on lead guitar

We are trying to use our house as place of community in our street, starting with Christmas drinks, good bye parties, birthday parties (in fact any excuse for a party) and a lounge concert where Miriam was open about her faith in a low cringe, easy access way was a real help in the ongoing mission to share Jesus with our neighbours. So thank you Miriam Jones – great job all round.

miriam jones concert Thame

You wouldn't get to chat with Beyonce after her gig at Glastonbury



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  1. Ben Carswell says:

    Really glad to see you doing this Krish. My parents have done something similar in the past & wondered about doing another one. They used to call them “buffet suppers” – similar idea, in the home, have some interest factor (sometimes music, though not always) & then invite our neighbours. Actually, I think they chose their house on the basis that the lounge/dining room could fit up to 80 people (at a BIG push!). Good childhood memories.
    Love what you’re doing there & you’ve challenged me as to what we could do here.

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