Best movies of 2010

Best movies of 2010

First the honorable mentions of movies that didn’t make my top 10 but deserve a little credit.

Book of Eli – best Bible based post apocalyptic action movie. The twist at the end felt derivative. Its so hard for a film maker to do a good reveal after 6th Sense.

Heartbreaker – I like french comedies – it would be rubbish in English I am sure. With all the running and hugging and everything !
SALT – I don’t know why – but I liked the set up of this film – best mindless spy drama featuring Angelina?
AVATAR – jaw dropping special effects – but brave heart meets dances with wolves is not a great plotline

Krish’s Top 10 Movies of the Year


10. Departures – best foreign film

This Japanese film had me in tears. A failed violinist seeks a new line of work as a mortician. This film was new to me in 2010.

9. Iron Man 2 / Sherlock Holmes- best action hero?

I know I shouldn’t like this film. But Robert Downey Junior did a great job on this (and indeed on Sherlock Holmes). Utter nonsense, not a film you can meaningfully engage with at a deeper level. But great fun.

8. Date Night – best romantic comedy movie

Perhaps because I can relate to the idea of a big night out with my wife is such a rarety this film had me hooked from the beginning. Tina Fey and Steve Carell do a good job together. I saw some really duff romcoms including: The Killers, The Proposal and that terrible 500 days of summer were awful. (See my blog 10 worst films of 2010)

7. Green Zone – best war movie with a political heartbeat

OK so this was the closes thing to a Bourne movie this year with Greengrass and Damon paired together – well done.

6. Harry Potter – The Deathly Haloes part 1

I watched this with the kids and it is gripping, lots of menace and as someone who has never read the books – lots of nice little turns in the plot. Yes it feels like Lord of the rings with the necklace making people’s character change, yes Hermione and Harry’s dance is very silly. But Voldermort is so scary its great.

5. Despicable Me

really loved this film (not based on a toy, a book or a theme park ride). Ofcourse liked the fostering and adoption theme and the accents are fun to imitate with the kids. We keep using phrases from the movie at dinner times – which is always a good sign “Freeze Ray!”

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – best and scariest thriller

Not for the feint-hearted – this is a very dark film but the suspense of the central plot line as well as the unravelling of the heroine is very well done. We don’t need a holywood remake this is a well put together thriller. Don’t confuse this film with Girl with the Pearl ear ring !

3. Inception – best SciFi movie and best open ended ending

I really like big concept movies and if i had gone to see this earlier before all the hype was around i would have really enjoyed the film. Instead I was a bit disappointed that the dream worlds felt so small and cheap. Some great special effects though with the architectural theme shining through. I think the spinning top wobbles – but interestingly no one was watching – I think he wants to believe the dream.

2. Disappearance of Alice Creed – best British movie and best heist movie

This was an excellent UK relatively low budget film. Again not for the feint hearted as this is an abduction thriller. The menace that the kidnappers bring from the DIY set up at the beginning of the the film is chilling. Really well done. Major Coup getting Gemma Atterton!

1. The Social Network – best screenplay – nice on Aaron Sorkin

I thought this was going to be very dull – a movie about facebook sounded like such a bad idea. But actually it was smart and engaging. Great movie. Loved watching Mark Zuckerberg afterwards saying that the only thing they got right were my clothes! Its hard to use facebook now without thinking about this film.


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    Did you see the Coen brothers’ ‘A Serious Man’?

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