Help your church love the Bible #biblefresh blog 3

Help your church love the Bible #biblefresh blog 3

Here’s simple idea to help your church come to love the Bible a little bit more.

As an all age activity in our Sunday service we showed some of the signs that people have made around the country about the difference the Bible has made to their lives. Then we got people into groups to come up with their own signs and we snapped some pictures (asking people to indicate if they were uncomfortable with having their pictures taken.) Here are some of the signs that came through. Helping people to think about what the Bible has done for them and then sharing their stories is a great way to change the perceptions people have about the Bible. Don’t forget to send your pictures to the Biblefresh photo competion – you could win some neat prizes.

Here are the slides I showed to help people get the idea:

Biblefresh Photo competition

Here are the slogans people came up with – what will your church come up with?

for more ideas for your church get hold of a copy of the Biblefresh book:


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  1. James says:

    Thanks – great idea which we’ll use sometime at our cafe church on Sunday nights.

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