Best Albums, DVDs and Games of 2010

Best Albums, DVDs and Games of 2010

Interestingly apart from Mumford and Sons which was new to me in 2010 and Florence Against the Machine, not sure I will be listening to many of these albums in 3 years time. Ellie Goudling’s re-issue with “Your Song” is enchanting. The Prodigy choice is on the strength of “Stand up” as a single. Was 2010 a lean year for music or did i miss something? Let me know. Left right – Coldplay was a great live album that was available for free from their website – sadly no longer available for free. The Mercury Prize winning album The XX by XX – has some great tracks on it – particularly Islands – and is great ambient background music. The Glee albums are great fun – with some excellent versions of some classic songs. The reissue of Florence and the Machine’s album has some interesting bonus tracks and of course the wonderful Dog Days are Over.


I love the look of the XBOX kinect – trying not to look too closely or we are going to want one at home! The dance games look great fun – and who knows if they won’t work as a bit of a workout too. All the LEGO games have been excellent so far – they appeal mainly to primary school aged children. They have great graphics and some puzzle solving to do – there’s no blood and guts when you have to fight – the baddies just turn into lego bricks when you see them off. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a beautiful game to watch let alone play.

Kids DVDs

The above DVDs were recommended by my kids. I really liked Despicable Me and Up and did enjoy How to Train your Dragon. Luke enjoyed both reading and watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I sadly really enjoyed Karate Kid while trying not to. Shrek 1 was brilliant 2 and 3 were pretty poor but 4 was a return to form. Toy Story 3 was a brilliant movie – Mark Kermode argues the Trilogy is the best ever – even better than the Godfather Trilogy. Personally I thought Toy Story 2 was the best followed by Toy Story then Toy Story 3. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was fun- Mr T was great in it! Up was the most moving animated film I have ever seen. Percy Jackson is steal at £6.99

Adult DVDs

Avatar may have been weak on plot but it was high on visuals. Inception was a stand out movie of the year for me (see my review). SALT was the stand out action film of the year – great twists and turns. Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and The Disappearnace of Alice Creed are not for the faint hearted as they are very creepy – but hugely compelling. Blind Side was the feel good movie of the year. Carey Mulligan was excellent in An Education. There was no installment of the Jason Bourne series – but Green Zone was the closest thing. Robert Downey Jnr had a great year with both Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes. Really enjoyed the bloody but engaging Book of Eli.


5 thoughts on “Best Albums, DVDs and Games of 2010

  1. Andy Barraclough says:

    The best trilogy ever for both film and book has to be Lord of the Rings! I enjoyed Toy Story (all three) but LotR just wowed me. Each was eagerly awaited and none disappointed! As someone who reads very little, I could not put down the books. I am now looking forward to Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      I loved Lord of the Rings too – The Godfather is normally put up as the best ever – but I guess the original Star Wars Trilogy has got to be up there too

  2. Nick Smith says:

    Just re-watched The Girl WTDT last night and I agree: brilliant for the strong. I also really liked KickAss – daft, but yet a brilliant picture of not being able to be superheroes by ourselves.

  3. Dan Evans says:

    Mumford and Sons the best album of this century for me… a big shout, I know! But the lyrics are incredibly powerful and have such passion to them. Love Love Love

    500 Days of Summer has probably been my favourite film of the year.

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