7 Best Childrens Bible Resources

7 Best Childrens Bible Resources

7. Bible Baddies, Bob Hartman

This is an excellent resource for retelling the stories of the Bible. The stories are incredibly well written and set a gold standard for what could be a narrative sermon. This book should not be restricted to children and could make a great resource for being read out in church services. Bob Hartman is incredibly gifted and he has not shied away from some of the more difficult bible stories including Ehud and Eglon, Jezebel, Barrabus etc. I used to read these stories to my kids at bed time – i think i enjoyed them even more than they did! It probably works best for pretty literate children over 8 years old.

6. Best friends (Best friends too), Bob Hartman

My kids love these books. i haven’t had a chance to read them yet. They look really well produced, well laid out and nicely presented. The disciples tell their account of life on the road with Jesus – Pip (Philip) Bart (Bartholomew) and Tommo (Thomas) present a user friendly eye witness retelling of the life of Jesus.

5. Complete Manga Bible – Siku

Graphic Artist Siku does an excellent job in capturing the drama of the gospel. This is a short book it is in black and white but printed on very high quality paper. It is artistically of an even higher standard than the Lion bible despite being in black and white. There are some very clever artistic touches that adds another dimension to this retelling of the gospel story.

4. Lion Graphic Bible

This is a very well produced version of the Bible with excellent full colour art work and gives young people a really good overview of the whole Bible. I used it with my oldest children and we read it together at bed time. The images are really well done and give a great sense of the dynamism and action of a lot of the bible stories. It literary starts with Genesis and ends with revelation covering both the narrative sections and a quick overview of the epistles. It could be a great entry point for a lot of young people with the Bible.

3. Jesus Story Book (Deluxe Edition)- Sally Lloyd Jones

I am a big fan of this beautifully presented well written Bible resource. Sally Lloyd Jones in a wonderfully engaging like way tells the story of the BIble from start to finish. This is biblical theology for children – with links being made to the coming of Christ right from page one and the creation of the universe. The illustrations are breathtakingly good. The only downside is i think she tries too hard sometimes and we end up with a little allegorisation so at the end of the Noah story: “God’s strong anger and hate against sadness and death would come down once more- but not on his people, or his world. No, God’s war bow was not pointing down at his people. It was pointing up, into the heart of Heaven.” With this minor niggle – I warmly commend this rich resource. (Did I mention Tim Keller loves this book?)

2. Children of God Story book Bible- Desmond Tutu

Here is a beautifully produced world story Bible. Using artists from around the world stops the usual problem of Jesus looking like a cross between a Disney character and Superman. Each global artist brings their own unique style to these full colour depictions of Jesus – what is lost in consistency is gained in variety.

I really appreciated the variety of the stories chosen from the Old Testament. The usual suspects are there like Moses, Joseph – but you also gets Naboths Vineyard, Esther, Ruth etc. There’s a one line prayer at the end of each Bible story too. For Naboth’s vineyard you get: ” Lord God help me to protect the powerless” or for “Joseph Feeds and Forgives” the prayer is ” Dear God let my love be stronger than my anger” this is great because it leads from the inspiration and information of the Bible story to transformation – it also models that the Bible leads to action and character transformation.

There is a wonderful CD version of this book – which has Desmond Tutu’s irresistible voice reading these Bible stories out loud. It is very engaging – when you listen on CD you only wish the stories were longer – say the length of a “Bible Baddie” retelling of the story. For very young children (4-6 years old) they are ideal though.

I warmly commend this book to you for primary aged children.

1. What’s in the Bible – Phil Vischer

Families and churches should be on the alert – this is a fantastic resource! From the incredibly catchy theme song to the in depth theology to the funny skits, great colours Phil Vischer is helping childhood biblical illiteracy to be something of the past. Nice one! You might as well start buying these DVDs now as your children will want to watch them over and over and over. See my longer review.

In the Beginning
Let my people go!
Wandering in the Desert

Which as you can see is a chronological look at the creation and the exodus.


3 thoughts on “7 Best Childrens Bible Resources

  1. bert says:

    #3 (Sally Lloyd Jones’ Jesus Story Book) also has a very good electronic book available on the iPad (via the iBookstore). It comes with an audio reading, which my kid loves. I also think it’s exceptional in talking about the Scripture as a whole narrative of God, as opposed to being just a collection of stories. One of the better Children’s Bible’s i’ve come across.

  2. Victoria says:

    The Big Bible Storybook by Scripture Union.

  3. I’m a big fan of number 3, but reckon this also from Sally Lloyd-Jones is even better!

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