What’s in the Bible

What’s in the Bible

Biblefresh is all about helping the church regain confidence and appetite for the Bible. Today I received in the post review copies of the much anticipated new project from Phil Vischer the creator of the hugely successful Vegetales animations.

Before I had a chance to even load them into my DVD player my pastor has commandeered two of the discs, so I only have the first disc to give an immediate reaction too. We’re going to trial the DVDs in our Sunday School so will keep you posted on how they go down.

The productions values of this series are very high. So from the very moment you load up the programme they ooze quality. As you can see for yourself in the clip below. Vischer is passionate about helping young people come to understand and love the Bible. This series has the feel of a cross between the Muppets, horrible histories and a bible study. The puppetry is first class, with great voices and dialogue, funny songs and a clear educative agenda to help young people come to love and understand the Bible.

The first three DVDs are :

In the Beginning
Let my people go!
Wandering in the Desert

Which as you can see is a chronological look at the creation and the exodus.

I have now watched these DVDs thanks to my church pastor returning them to me! When I asked him whether we would use them he said “The trouble is they are too good – what will do the rest of the time!” which I took to be a ringing endorsement!

5 things I love about these DVDs

1. Production Quality

these are better than any other children’s DVDs I have ever seen. OK we would need to exclude feature films like Pixar. But compared to all the educational, singalong or general television programmes for children the production values of the “What’s in the Bible” are better. The videos are fast paced, colourful, well shot and timed with amazing graphics. Well done !

2. Education Quality

Phil Vischer has gone for content – there’s plenty of church history – thanks to the church history Pirate, theology thanks to Mrs Sunday School teacher and application thanks to Phil himself. In one episode alone the Canon of scripture was explained, salvation and redemption all explained and applied. But because there are so many different characters, songs and use of fast cuts you don’t notice how much content is being put across.

3. Scale

The DVDs work through whole books of the Bible. The first DVD looked at Genesis, the second Exodus and so on. So the scale of the project is audacious and ambitious. With new DVDs appearing regularly. We will get an overview of the whole Bible. This is going to be a fantastic resource to children everywhere.

4. Humour

I was worried that the use of puppets would restrict the age range – my 8 year old thought it was going to be too young for her. But the number of throw away gags, funny characters and off the wall jokes keep the attention. So my 11 year old son happily watched two 25 minute episodes back to back whilst laughing outloud regularly.

5. No Dumbing Down

This is the first resource in a long time aimed at children which wasn’t patronizing or condescending. Phil treats the children as intelligent and capable of assimilating lots of information if its presented in a format they can digest. I cannot recommend this resource highly enough!


6 thoughts on “What’s in the Bible

  1. “Five bucks says they don’t make it past Leviticus”


    I don’t have any kids, but sod it, I’m going to get this just for me!

    1. krishkandiah says:

      They are very good mate – looking forward to the way they are going to handle leviticus

  2. Tom says:


    These look awesome!

    Do you have any idea where you can buy them and what sort of prices they’re likely to be at?

    Also – how easily divisible are they? Are the DVDs in different sections that you can chop up and do activities in the middle of, or are you limited to sitting down and watching a 25-minute block?

    1. krishkandiah says:

      They are great – though my friend Tony Watkins said it put his church kids to sleep :o)
      I think they are around £10 and if you click on the images it takes you through to amazon where you can buy them

  3. Hi! My name is Christian Taylor and I work with Phil Vischer and Jellyfish Labs. Thank you so much for this wonderful review and for helping us get out the word about WITB! I’d love to answer a few of the questions posed here… We have made it past Leviticus and we are actually wrapping up production on The Gospels! It’s been quite a ride and very exciting. You can get all the videos at http://www.whatsinthebible.com AND you can keep up with all the news and giveaways on our What’s in the Bible Facebook and Twitter pages. Additionally, you can get some more of the inside scoop on production or crazy thoughts in Phil’s head if you listen to the podcast I’m on with Phil and all around awesome paster, Skye Jethani. You can find The Phil Vischer Podcast on http://www.philvischer.com or iTunes. I also recommend following Phil on his own Facebook public profile. He even happens to comment to fans once in a while! The biggest obstacle we face at Jellyfish Labs is not enough people hearing about WITB… so please pass on the word. AND… if you’d like to be a part of the latest thing we are doing at Jellyfish, become part of a Beta test group for jellytelly.com. It’s a great new launch of Phil’s internet content page for kids! Keep watching and pass the word!

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