Social Media for Social Change?

Social Media for Social Change?

Thinking through how influential social media really is for significant cultural and social change. I am wrestling with the ideas of Social Media as an opiate that stunts genuine engagement and Social Media as the ultimate tool for social collaboration. I have also loved reading James Davidson Hunter’s book “To change the world” and wrestling with his commitment to world changing networks.

What do you think? Can Social Media help change the world?

World-changing is most concentrated when the networks of elites and the institutions they lead overlap.

The impetus, energy, and direction for world-making and world-changing are greatest where various forms of cultural, social, economic, and often political resources overlap… when networks of elites in overlapping fields of culture and overlapping spheres of social life come together with their varied resources and act in common purpose, cultures do change and change profoundly. Persistence over time is essential; little of significance happens in three to five years. But when cultural and symbolic capital overlap with social capital and economic capital and, in time, political capital, and these various resources are directed toward shared ends, the world, indeed changes.

James Davidson Hunter, To Change the World, Oxford University Press, (2010), p.43


3 thoughts on “Social Media for Social Change?

  1. Does social media anesthetise us? We can click ‘like’ and feel that we have done something about the problem without actually engaging on a less superficial level.

    1. krishkandiah says:

      that is exactly the challenge Rob – thanks for your comment

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