Global (Warming) Theology

With the Copenhagen Summit just days away – I am hoping that Christians around the world will be praying for wisdom for our global leaders as they make decisions about the ecological future of our planet. But I just got an email from the European Leadership Forum explaining that this year’s keynote speaker will be […]

Cliff College Lecture

I had a really fun time with a great bunch of students at Cliff College in Derbyshire yesterday. Here is the PDF from my lectures on evangelism. cliff college krish kandiah In the lecture I presented an alternative to pietistic, dualistic presentations of the gospel. I have written this up in a book called Destiny. […]

Usain Bolt 9.58

  The mens’ 100m sprint has always been the blue ribbon event at any athletics meet. But put Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay in the line up and you have a clash of the titans. The camera zooming into each runner before the race – shows how this event has changed. Only Tyson was relatively […]

End of Top Gear?

It was very weird ending to Sunday’s Top Gear as Jeremy Clarkson eulogised rather than gloried in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Some are rumouring its the end of the show forever. I wonder if it was more about Clarkson knowing the bitter sweet satisfaction of finding something as close to perfect as he can […]