Krish has provided consultancy for denominations, NGOs, churches, mission agencies and local authorities.

He has run numerous training programmes for local authorities, aid and development charities, social workers, journalists, PWC partners, Apple and Google employees, politicians, paediatricians and even the Royal Marines.


Krish and his wife Miriam have written 10 books including the award winning Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple and the life changing Home for Good: making a difference for vulnerable children which has acted as a catalyst for many children to be adopted and fostered. Aiming to bridge the gap between the academy and the society Krish and Miriam aim to make profound things simple to understand.


Krish is in demand as a speaker, lecturer, host and broadcaster. He is both a motivational speaker and someone able to grapple with difficult philosophical, political and social issues. He has spoken at events at: The Houses of Parliament, Callum Centre for Fusion Energy, PWC, Apple, Google, and lectured at numerous universities including: Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and many more.


Books to help ordinary people engage with the deep questions of life

  • Paradoxology: Why Christainity was never meant to be simple
  • Home for Good: making a difference for vulnerable children
  • Route 66: a crash course in navigating life with the Bible
  • Dysciples: Why I fall asleep when I pray and 13 other discipleship dysfunctions
  • Just Politics: no spin and no sleaze



Dr Kandiah spearheaded Home for Good's child refugee relief initiative.

  • Unprecedented numbers of refugee children in need of foster care in the UK
  • Thousands of refugee children at risk of exploitation and trafficking in Europe
  • Vulnerable children in need of safety and adult supervision in Syria and surrounding countries


Krish has a new venture to help revitalise reading as a spiritual discipline. Each month we will feature an interview with a Christian leader who will explore the books that have shaped their lives. We will also give you the cream of the crop of the latest Christian books that will help you grow to be the person God intends you to be. Visit for more information.

Books for Life

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