Krish is passionate to advocate on behalf of vulnerable and needy people. He is the Founding Director of Home for Good a charity dedicated to finding a loving home for every child that needs one in the UK through fostering and adoption. He also is an honorary Vice President for Tearfund an aid and development charity. Krish acts as a consultant for a number of charities seeking to alleviate poverty and find family based care solutions for vulnerable children.


Krish and his wife Miriam have written 10 books including the award winning Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple and the life changing Home for Good: making a difference for vulnerable children which has acted as a catalyst for many children to be adopted and fostered. Aiming to bridge the gap between the academy and the society Krish and Miriam aim to make profound things simple to understand.


Krish is in demand as a speaker, lecturer, host and broadcaster.

He is both a motivational speaker and someone able to grapple with difficult philosophical, political and social issues.

He has spoken at events at: The Houses of Parliament, Callum Centre for Fusion Energy, PWC, Apple, Google, and lectured at numerous universities including: Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and many more.

Latest Book: Paradoxology

Dr Vivienne Ng

Krish has founded a very successful NGO that helps different local authorities in the UK source for Foster and Adoptive families. He has also provided international consultation to countries such as Singapore to help start-ups set up to do similar work. Chief Psychologist, Ministry of Social and Family Development Singapore

Rosie Dawson

As an adoptive mum, I think Krish is a great advocate for adoption, really understanding the issues. As a programme maker wanting to make a programme about adoption, he was a gift. Great communicator, sensitivity in dealing with people with a lovely broadcasting voice to boot. Award Winning Producer at British Broadcasting Corporation

Marksteen Adamson

Krish is an inspiration. I love working with him. He is authentic, collaborative, and sensitive to what others feel and think. He is humble and gracious, but somehow also manages to command authority that takes people with him, willingly, on a journey of learning and discovery. His leadership style is engaging and he naturally has a strong following and for very good reason. He puts his words into action, his own interests aside for others and is fearless in his pursuit of social justice. He is the man, my dog thinks I am. Founding Partner - ASHA, Senior Creative Consultant

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