Dr Krish Kandiah

speaker activist consultant author theologian

Founder: Home for Good

A national Christian charity seeking to find loving homes for children in the care system through adoption, fostering and child refugee support.

Ambassador: Tearfund

A UK Christian relief and development agency which works in over 50 countries. It is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee


A regular contributor to BBC radio and television Krish presented a 38 minute Radio 4 documentary on adoption, and regular presents Pause for Thought on Radio 2 and Prayer for the Day for Radio 4. He is often speaks about vulnerable children, refugees and faith and culture. He offers a gracious voice on a range of complex subjects.


Krish has authored 11 books including the award winning Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple, Home for Good: Making a difference for vulnerable children and God is Stranger.


Providing consultancy to NGO's, denominations and local authorities on the interface between faith and culture, mapping the religious landscape and faith literacy.


Krish has lead theological institutions, hosted numerous theological conferences and presented theological papers at a number of international conferences. He provides theological training to agencies, missions and leaders.


Some of Krish's Books


Some of the organisations that Krish currently holds positions with.



Krish is the Founding Director of Home for Good, a young charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Together with his wife, Miriam he co-authored a catalytic book “Home for Good” which blends the Bible's teaching on God's heart for vulnerable children and inspiring practical stories. Krish is in demand as a speaker both nationally and internationally. He regularly speaks at larger conferences, corporate events and is a regular broadcaster on radio and television. Krish is an ambassador for Tearfund. He has a passion for engaging with contemporary culture theologically and is a prolific writer/blogger. Krish has authored 11 books including the award winning publication ‘Paradoxology’, explores why Christianity was never meant to be simple and "God is Stranger." Krish has been providing theological and strategic consultancy to a wide range of organisations including: World Vision UK, The Baptist Union, Redcliffe College and Bible Society. Krish holds degrees in Chemistry, Missiology and Theology. His PhD is from Kings College London and he currently holds faculty positions at Portland Seminary, Regent College, Vancouver and Regents Park College, Oxford University.

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Krish is an inspiration. I love working with him. He is authentic, collaborative, and sensitive to what others feel and think. He is humble and gracious, but somehow also manages to command authority that takes people with him, willingly, on a journey of learning and discovery. His leadership style is engaging and he naturally has a strong following and for very good reason. He puts his words into action, his own interests aside for others and is fearless in his pursuit of social justice. He is the man, my dog thinks I am.

Marksteen Adamson

Founding Partner - ASHA, Senior Creative Consultant
Krish has founded a very successful NGO that helps different local authorities in the UK source for Foster and Adoptive families. He has also provided international consultation to countries such as Singapore to help start-ups set up to do similar work.

Vivienne Ng

Chief Psychologist, Ministry of Social and Family Development
As an adoptive mum, I think Krish is a great advocate for adoption, really understanding the issues. As a programme maker wanting to make a programme about adoption, he was a gift. Great communicator, sensitivity in dealing with people with a lovely broadcasting voice to boot.

Rosie Dawson

Producer at British Broadcasting Corporation


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